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Welcome to iFalconr's Smart Bargain Finder, my project to share places where anyone can snag a great deal on products they are already planning to buy. Sources range from discount wholesalers (who buy in bulk and pass on savings to consumers) to the actual manufacturers (who obviously have the lowest bottom line). I also will post occasional freebies that I encounter. I hope to eventually build this humble blog into an extensive network of bargain sources. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Two free tickets to watch "An Inconvenient Truth"

This is an unusual freebie, but still quite useful to anyone who would like to watch An Inconvenient Truth. Basically, the National Wildlife Action group is offering two free tickets to watch this movie at a theater near you. The catches are that only a few theaters actually show this (at least in my area) and only some of those participate in Fandango's online ticketing system (which must be used for this freebie). I can't participate in this since the local Tower Theater doesn't have online ticket ordering, but I hope that someone else can benefit from this deal. Enjoy!

Here's the link!


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