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Welcome to iFalconr's Smart Bargain Finder, my project to share places where anyone can snag a great deal on products they are already planning to buy. Sources range from discount wholesalers (who buy in bulk and pass on savings to consumers) to the actual manufacturers (who obviously have the lowest bottom line). I also will post occasional freebies that I encounter. I hope to eventually build this humble blog into an extensive network of bargain sources. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Here's a slight deviation from my usual posts. This is actually a really cool (and of course free) service that I've found to be quite useful. The site is called eCrater, and provides a great alternative to you eBay sellers. It's totally free (I cannot overemphasize this) and is doing quite well for being relatively new. The only issue I have with their service is that they do not allow you to edit the html of your site. On the positive side, this makes for a very easy interface that is quite easy to use.

Feel free to check out my fledgling business, iFalconr.

Kinda Sorta Ad Disclaimer:

iFalconr currently specializes in Dynaflex Powerballs and related products, such as the Dynaflex Powerball Amber and the Dynaflex Powerball Blue. These two products are not only incredibly fun to use, but also provide a theurapatic benefit in the prevention and rehabilitation of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetivie Stress Injuries. I also carry several packages which may be just right for you if you are an Office Worker, Speed Demon, or just a regular newbie. There are also accessories that can be added on such as the Powerdock and the Digital Speed Meter. Thanks for your support (and if you mention you found out about me through this blog, I'll figure out some sort of discount to give you)


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