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Welcome to iFalconr's Smart Bargain Finder, my project to share places where anyone can snag a great deal on products they are already planning to buy. Sources range from discount wholesalers (who buy in bulk and pass on savings to consumers) to the actual manufacturers (who obviously have the lowest bottom line). I also will post occasional freebies that I encounter. I hope to eventually build this humble blog into an extensive network of bargain sources. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Welcome Continued

As I mentioned in my first post, one of my current interests (bordering on a passion) is finding bargains. To be honest, I've found that it becomes more of a lifestyle than a simple interest. Although it would be impossible to instruct everyone on how to live the "frugal" life, there are certainly several areas where I can help. A major area I hope to tackle is buying products at retail locations. Although there are some things that lend themselves to the retail arena (online grocers never exactly took off...) nearly everything else can be found online at a much lower price. Despite fears of online transactions, there are countless online companies that rival the safety and security offered by your friendly local big box retailer. Some of these companies even rival the size of popular retailers, but choose to maintain only a web presence in order to cut down on overhead fees (including property costs, electricity, staffing, etc...). In turn, these savings are passed onto the consumer.

I have decided to use Google Base to categorize all of the bargain sites I plan to share. The majority of them have a web presence, but there are a few that continue business in a more traditional way (read: catalog, phone, mail). I will post all pertinent information for all the companies, which is relatively simple thanks to Google's system of attributes and keywords. I hope to eventually have every site I find useful categorized, but that is a lofty goal which will not be reached anytime soon.

In the mean time, I am open to any suggestions or questions that anyone might have. Share any companies you know of that offer a discounted price to the general public. In order to jumpstart the process, please feel free to share any impending purchases you plan to make. I'll do my best to find a company that offers what you're looking at a cheaper price, and also add it to the database. Two birds with one stone!

I hope that I have made my intentions and ambitions clear. I trust that there are like-minded somewhere out there, and I would appreciate any comments, suggestions, or criticisms that anyone might have. Good night...and good luck!


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