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Welcome to iFalconr's Smart Bargain Finder, my project to share places where anyone can snag a great deal on products they are already planning to buy. Sources range from discount wholesalers (who buy in bulk and pass on savings to consumers) to the actual manufacturers (who obviously have the lowest bottom line). I also will post occasional freebies that I encounter. I hope to eventually build this humble blog into an extensive network of bargain sources. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

You would think...

You would think that bargain sites would be common knowledge. After all, any site offering true bargains should be able to gain business through word of mouth advertising and many satisfied customers. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be the case. I used Google to look for such sites with keywords such as bargain sites, wholesale companies, discount sites, etc..., but found little besides those tacky placeholder sites with flashing banners and affiliate programs that charge a fee for exclusive wholesale directories. Although it is a lofty ambition, I hope that someday, web users will be able to google such terms and find an authentic site (whether mine or otherwise) where a list of bargain companies can be easily accessed and searched through. Okay...I'll stop my rant now. Good night, and good luck!


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